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JXP can help, with over 100 lenders we have access to 1000’s of mortgage products, from mainstream to specialist and contractor mortgages.


We help a lot of first-time buyers, so we’ve created some tips to get you ‘Mortgage Ready’

• Check your credit report – To see if you’re in a position to obtain a mortgage. If you feel there’s issues or your score is low, feel free to contact us and discuss how to improve your score.

• Check you’re on the electoral roll at your current address, as many lenders will decline your mortgage application if you’re not.

• Get your paperwork organised – Lenders will need to see proof of income and identification before they can offer you a mortgage, so it makes sense to get your paperwork together in advance.

• Speak to an independent whole of market mortgage broker, like ourselves, to discuss your mortgage options, such as how much deposit you will require, how much you could borrow, how much the mortgage will cost you each month and how to start the process.

• Ask them for a decision in principle, so you’re mortgage ready!

• Once you’ve established your budget and have an idea on what properties you can buy, contact local estate agents to see what is available and ask them to notify you when a property that fits your criteria is due to come on the market.

• Ask questions – Whether it be to your Mortgage Adviser, Solicitor or Estate Agent, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want. Whether you think it’s silly or not, ask professionals as buying your first home will be one of the biggest things you’ll ever do.

• We specialise in first time buyer mortgages – so if you’re looking for advice on Help to Buy, Shared Ownership get in touch as we can help.

• If you would like a free initial consultation, please get in touch and we can guide you through the home buying process.

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Moving home is an exciting time – looking at new properties, areas and furnishings for your new home. JXP can help you find the perfect mortgage, whether porting you’re existing mortgage or moving to a new lender if the terms are more favourable.

As a whole of market mortgage broker we have access to 1000’s of mortgage products and we will take the time to establish what your needs are and what is important to you.

We won’t charge you for an initial consultation and you will find out how much you could borrow, who is prepared to lend and how the whole process will work.

Once we have that in place and you have the right property, we will review the whole of the market to ensure that you are getting the most suitable mortgage and then help you through the whole application process.

We will discuss all types of mortgages including Shared Ownership/Shared Equity Mortgages. Then once you’ve found a property we’ll help you with the application from start to finish, liaising with estate agents, solicitors to make your first purchase as easy as possible for you.

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Whether you are looking to reduce your monthly payments, concerned about interest rates or would like to free up some capital for home improvements.

JXP can help, with over 100 lenders we have access to 1000’s of re mortgage products, from mainstream to specialist and contractor mortgages.

Don’t be stuck on your lenders standard variable rate, take advantage of competitive rates as the chances are we could save you money.

Today, you can quickly transfer and re mortgage your property to a more competitive rate. JXP specialise in arranging fast re mortgages whatever your circumstances and we’ll also take care of the legal paperwork work involved.

After all your remortgage shouldn’t be a hassle

How JXP Can Help
You may be paying more on you mortgage than you need to. If you’re one of these people JXP may be able to offer you a better rate. This translates into less money going out on your mortgage payments and more money going in your pocket.
Raising Cash
If you’re a homeowner you may have thousands of pounds worth of equity built up in your property. Remortgaging can release some of that equity and you can raise money for home improvements, debt consolidation, university fees, a deposit on a second home abroad or any other legal purpose.
Debt Consolidation
If you are burdened with credit card, personal loan, hire purchase and/or store card payments then consolidation may be an option. If you have equity in your property JXP can help you remortgage to release money to pay off all your debts and consolidate into one easy to manage monthly payment. It’s important to note that adding existing debt to your mortgage may increase both the repayment term and the overall cost.
Buying Out Your Partner
If you have taken out a joint mortgage with your partner or friends and you decide to go your separate ways, it can be a difficult to know what to do with the property and the mortgage. JXP can help you remortgage the property to buy your partner or friends out by releasing their share of the equity and transferring the mortgage into your sole name.

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Professional landlord or new to the market? Limited Company or HMO?

Whether you are an existing landlord or looking to enter the Buy-to-Let market for the first time, we have access to a range of Buy-to-Let mortgage deals, which could suit you.

Over the past few years, more and more people have taken to investing in Buy-to -Let property as a long-term opportunity to make profitable returns, as well as a way of securing finance for their retirement plans.

Buy-to-Let Mortgage Advice

Although there are plenty of competitive Buy-to-Let mortgage deals on the market, ranging from variable to fixed rate options, it’s imperative to the find the best Buy-to-Let mortgage rates as this may determine whether you can afford the Buy-to-Let investment.

JXP fully understand the Buy-to-Let market. We can provide expert advice and support to help you choose a Buy-to-Let mortgage based on the realistic earning potential of the property (i.e. the rental income) rather than what the affordability rental might be.

Professional landlord or new to the market? A great Buy-to-Let Mortgage deal from JXP will enable you to maximise the return on your investment. And, we can also arrange all the insurance you need to protect your property and any contents.